Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fond farewells.

Mom's not expected to recover. Pretty much all the doctors can do for her now is keep her comfortable and pain free. In the next couple days, she'll be moved to a nursing home.

She and I have spent lots of time on the phone and have had some wonderful conversations.
Mom feels bad that she doesn't have anything to leave us kids but her love. We all agree her love has high value and is a wonderful treasure.

But you know...she left us more than just that.
I don't know how many times I've said something and noticed how it sounded so much like her. I love it! I laugh like her, I sound like her, I say things just like she would, my mannerisms are like hers.
~What a legacy!~
I make sure to point it out to my kids so they can get to know her through me.
That makes me think of how Jesus told his followers that they can get to know the Father through him.
Even though mom is so far from us in miles, it's always been a comfort to know I can pick up the phone and call her with anything...and I did! When I had problems with my daughter, first thing I did was call my mom. Anytime I was down, she was the first one I wanted to call for comfort...and she was always there.

I'll miss not being able to call her.

We talked a little about the hope the bible holds out for us to someday see our dead loved ones and she and I agree that we eagerly look forward to seeing each other again.
Mom is looking forward to being youthful again with long blond hair!
I look forward to giving her her ring back.

I love you Mom...

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