Friday, July 17, 2009

Me and My Toes!

OK, I just don't know what it is with me and my toes, but in the past year...I have broken 3! That's just in the past year!
I did it again yesterday. And of all things, it happened when I was stepping down into the pool at a friends home. I must have put my foot down wrong.
The weather here has been pretty hot. Spending a few hours in the pool was glorious! The sunburn I got as a result of it, was not. Obviously not enough sun screen.
Because of the broken toe and the sunburn, I won't be making it to the gym tonight. Friday nights are always my favorite, because of the Hip Hop class my friend and I take.
Oh, I've decided to keep my gym membership. I found I can have my membership down graded, cutting 1/3 off the monthly rate. All this means is that there will be a few locations I won't be able to go problem.
Well, off to try to get a few things done around here.
Don't forget to visit my site I've added the afghan I've been working on.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Grammas Hands

Well, Lilly and Aiden have moved out.
In the beginning, I said I kicked her out, but the truth of is, she had a choice. We were having a discussing about something she didn't like and was heading out the door to avoid it. I told her if she left at that time, then don't come back. She left...her choice.
I miss my grandson terribly!

I called her a couple days ago to see how they are doing...and to tell her I loved her.
She says their ok.

Beside out in the ministry more, I've been revamping my web site, Grammas Hands. So say tuned for that. I like the way it looks much better and I think you will too.

Because of currently being out of work, I have to cut back on my expenses, so I will be canceling my gym membership. Not looking forward to it, but I need to eat. I can always sign up again once I get back on my feet.

Well, more later...