Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcome back!

Wow, it's sure been a long time since I've been here.

Lilly and Aiden are still living with me. Aiden is in kindergarten now and just loves it. Lilly was working for a while but the restaurant she was working at closed. She has no car right now (and no drivers license) so she's home all day everyday. She's hoping to have her license back soon and a car to drive. Her brother has a car for her, but she can't have it till she has her license.

Emery totaled his motorcycle a few weeks ago. Ran into the back of a car who did a lane change without signaling. Totally amazing that he didn't get more than a few scratches and had his right leg and left arm wrapped up a few weeks. No broken bones, no scratches on his helmet or jacket. Jehovah was really with him that day.

I'm working full time with the City of Sacramento. Good pay and benefits. It's so nice to not have to worry about how to get the bills paid now.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Still Here!

Checking in quickly to let everyone know we're doing fine.
I've canceled some of my online accounts, so if you've tried to check on me thru them and haven't been able to, that's why.

Still no job, hence no internet at home. I find I can not make it to the library everyday to check my email, but am trying to get here at least 3 times a week.

If you want to get in touch, send me an email.

I joined a couple friends to Sonoma last week, Tuesday. Had a great time. Did a lot of walking, looking at shops. Some of them offered free wine tasting. Tried a local port that was simply wonderful. Since we didn't have a big budget, the free samples were nice. There was a shop with free samples of cheese, others with samples of chocolate, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, local fruit...
We took a break at an Irish pub and sampled some potato dishes, then had dinner at a Ti restaurant. This was a first for me.

All that walking really did me in. It took a few days to recover from it. My knees and hips especially suffered.

Well, my time is nearly up, better beg off...
Take care...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Checking in...

Just checking in to let everyone know all is well.
The heat is still on here, although we did have a few days of very pleasant weather.
We had a congregation picnic the weekend before last and the weather, while a bit hot for some of us, was nice.

It was loads of fun. I was able to bring my grandson. After a while, this quite little guy was very vocal. Yelling with the other kids and having a blast. There was a water balloon toss...I watched and took video. Some played volley ball and others played baseball. And loads of food!
Emery came along. It was fun to do something with him. He's always on the run.
Such is the way with teenagers.
And since he and I are not in the same congregation, I see him even less.

Still no job. Since I no longer have Internet, my search isn't like it was when I could just get on there a number of times during the day. I've signed up with an employment agency and set to do so with others.

Well, my time here on the library computer is almost done!
More later...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Greetings everyone...
Sitting at the library right now, you can sign on for an hour at a time. That wouldn't be so bad if the computer was a bit faster. I spent the first 20 mins waiting to log into my email. Anyway...still not bad considering it's free.
I'd like there to be more available that's free...
Oh, well.

I canceled my gym membership today. That was hard. I just didn't want to, but it's a non-necessary expense. I can always sign up again when I've got a better income.

I'm going thru trials right now and will be glad when their done. Satan is trying his best to turn me from serving Jehovah, but of course it's my earnest goal to remain faithful.
I am getting out in the ministry as often as time allows. I enjoy my time with the sisters. They are wonderful encouragement. There are so many of my friends who are out of work right now. We all agree, it can't be much longer before the end of things as we currently know them and on to a new and glorious time. In the meanwhile, keeping our faith in tact is key. Always depend on Jehovah.

More later...

Friday, August 07, 2009

Financial Hit

Due to the economic times we’re in, we have lost our internet service.
This being the case, posting won’t be as frequent as I’d like, but it won’t stop.
I’ll be accessing the internet from our local library. Hey, it won’t be so bad…it will get me out of the house more and one less bill. I can get internet for FREE!
I got to the library at 10:25, turns out they don't open till 11:00, so I decided to sit in the car till then and compose what I will post on my other sites.

I was thinking about what bills I need to pay once I get to the library and it occurred to me that I need to pay the registration on my car. I didn't account for that when I was planning my bills, so it looks like my credit card payment will be late.

The weather here has been simply wonderful. This will help the utilities bill, since I haven’t had to run the A/C in quite a while.

I finally got most of the drapes hung in our new place here. I still can't find the brackets for the ones in my room. I had been waiting for Emery to have time to help his ol mom out, but his schedule has been so hectic, I finally decided to tackle it myself. It went so well, I even hung our heavy coat rack.

Some weeks, Emery is so busy with work and his ministry, that I only see him when he’s on his way in and off to bed late at night or on his way out early in the morning. I have to admit I had been feeling neglected. I expressed my feelings to him and he’s been making efforts to at least have brief conversations with me.
How will it be when he moves out???
Some day’s I find myself thinking maybe it won’t be so bad getting married again. I’d have someone home to keep me company and talk to. Then I remind myself being alone is better than being in a bad marriage, and I’m just not willing to risk one of those again.

I have an interview with a local employment agency today. Hope that works out.

Anyway...coming to the library wasn't so bad and I'm actually looking forward to it. I've decided to check out a movie while I'm here.


Saturday, August 01, 2009

August Calendar

I came across this, thought you'd enjoy it.

Human Calendar


Minimum Budget

So, money is getting very tight and I really have to skimp. I keep a lot of staples in kitchen...flour, sugar, oil and spices. I ran out of bread and have no money to get some, so was looking for a recipe for flat bread, since I don't have yeast. Yeast expires and I never seem to use it before it does, so I only buy it when I need it.

I found a nice video showing the ease in making flat bread. I will be tyring it out tonight.

I'm still on the search for a job, but still not bites.

The weather here has been really nice. I can't wait for the heat to be all done, so I can start my winter garden. I didn't have any success with a garden this summer. I got started too late and the heat of the summer was just way too much for the young plants to survive. I was really looking forward to fresh veggies from the garden. Especially tomatoes.

Oh, speaking of tomatoes...out in the field ministry this morning, I met a nice woman named Maria. She wanted to share some of her garden with me. (truly a blessing as food is running low at our house) She gave me a large box full of tomatoes and zucchini and requested I return for more when this ran out. I shared them with another family and still have plenty for the week. A nice sandwich with sliced tomatoes, onions and lettuce sounds wonderful!
This is a nice reminder of how Jehovah takes care of our needs.
Matthew 6:25-34

I remember as a young girl, spending the summer with my favorite aunt at the time, who had a veggie garden in the back. I thought it was wonderful to be able to go out to the garden and pick fresh lettuce, tomatoes and all that was needed for that nights meal. So, every new place I move to, I start a garden. The last place we lived, the ground was just too hard and full of gravel to sustain a garden. The year we tried, the carrots would grow some, but we couldn't pull them out of the ground! We rototilled it an conditioned it before hand, but about the only thing that grew were the green onions and tomatoes. Still that was wonderful. This year will be the first time I try a winter garden.

Well, I'm off to hang curtains.

Have a good day.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well I made it to gym this morning and took a Zumba class. It was pretty fun and I'm really looking forward to the next class.

I found a studio that has a video on ther site...take a look, I think you'll be inspired!

I'm always nervous with I go to a new class by myself, but I really really wanted to do this alone I went. Once your there you really get into it. There were a lot of different kinds of people there at different levels...I can't wait to do like some of the woman who you can tell have been going to the class awhile.

It's supposed to be about 10 degrees cooler today, so I'm planning on NOT running the A/C. Giving it and my budget a break.

Well, off to get things done...have a wonderful day!