Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Joined the Ranks...

Well, I've joined the ranks of the unemployed. I knew it was coming, but it's still not easy.
Emery has been wanting to move to a place of his own, but I've asked him to please hold off till I get another job. Not sure I can make it on unemployment with out his contribution towards rent.
Glad we're not in the kind of social circle where it's made fun of to live with your mommy! He's such a wonderful, delightful son. I treasure him more that he can know. He's been house sitting for some friends this week. I was delighted when he called me the other day just to talk. Perfect timing, as I was feeling a bit blue, feeling down in the dumps about how I was going to get all the bills paid and stuff with Lilly.

Lilly is back home. It's a little better this time, but we still have our issues. I love having the grandbaby here! He and I are constant companions. If he's awake and home, he's right there with me. He loves being out in the garden with me. I'm working on getting him to understand that once we plant it in the ground, we don't dig it up again! I will miss him dearly when (if!) they move into a place of their own.

In anticipation of being let go from work, I started a web site to sell things that I make. I was making baby blankets for friends, they encouraged me to make them and sell them. I did. I was surprised to get $75 each for two that I made! Anyway, I've been learning to make jewelry and have added that to my list. My site can be viewed at far I haven't added any baby blankets! I do have one in progress, but I've been really enjoying making the jewelery.

Well, I know before I said I was going to be more regular about posting. If you consider it's been about a year since my last post, I am regular...yearly postings! I will, once again, try to be more regular.

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