Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Grammas Hands

Well, Lilly and Aiden have moved out.
In the beginning, I said I kicked her out, but the truth of is, she had a choice. We were having a discussing about something she didn't like and was heading out the door to avoid it. I told her if she left at that time, then don't come back. She left...her choice.
I miss my grandson terribly!

I called her a couple days ago to see how they are doing...and to tell her I loved her.
She says their ok.

Beside out in the ministry more, I've been revamping my web site, Grammas Hands. So say tuned for that. I like the way it looks much better and I think you will too.

Because of currently being out of work, I have to cut back on my expenses, so I will be canceling my gym membership. Not looking forward to it, but I need to eat. I can always sign up again once I get back on my feet.

Well, more later...

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