Friday, August 07, 2009

Financial Hit

Due to the economic times we’re in, we have lost our internet service.
This being the case, posting won’t be as frequent as I’d like, but it won’t stop.
I’ll be accessing the internet from our local library. Hey, it won’t be so bad…it will get me out of the house more and one less bill. I can get internet for FREE!
I got to the library at 10:25, turns out they don't open till 11:00, so I decided to sit in the car till then and compose what I will post on my other sites.

I was thinking about what bills I need to pay once I get to the library and it occurred to me that I need to pay the registration on my car. I didn't account for that when I was planning my bills, so it looks like my credit card payment will be late.

The weather here has been simply wonderful. This will help the utilities bill, since I haven’t had to run the A/C in quite a while.

I finally got most of the drapes hung in our new place here. I still can't find the brackets for the ones in my room. I had been waiting for Emery to have time to help his ol mom out, but his schedule has been so hectic, I finally decided to tackle it myself. It went so well, I even hung our heavy coat rack.

Some weeks, Emery is so busy with work and his ministry, that I only see him when he’s on his way in and off to bed late at night or on his way out early in the morning. I have to admit I had been feeling neglected. I expressed my feelings to him and he’s been making efforts to at least have brief conversations with me.
How will it be when he moves out???
Some day’s I find myself thinking maybe it won’t be so bad getting married again. I’d have someone home to keep me company and talk to. Then I remind myself being alone is better than being in a bad marriage, and I’m just not willing to risk one of those again.

I have an interview with a local employment agency today. Hope that works out.

Anyway...coming to the library wasn't so bad and I'm actually looking forward to it. I've decided to check out a movie while I'm here.


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