Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Greetings everyone...
Sitting at the library right now, you can sign on for an hour at a time. That wouldn't be so bad if the computer was a bit faster. I spent the first 20 mins waiting to log into my email. Anyway...still not bad considering it's free.
I'd like there to be more available that's free...
Oh, well.

I canceled my gym membership today. That was hard. I just didn't want to, but it's a non-necessary expense. I can always sign up again when I've got a better income.

I'm going thru trials right now and will be glad when their done. Satan is trying his best to turn me from serving Jehovah, but of course it's my earnest goal to remain faithful.
I am getting out in the ministry as often as time allows. I enjoy my time with the sisters. They are wonderful encouragement. There are so many of my friends who are out of work right now. We all agree, it can't be much longer before the end of things as we currently know them and on to a new and glorious time. In the meanwhile, keeping our faith in tact is key. Always depend on Jehovah.

More later...

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