Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sick, sick, sick!

Oh wow, have we ever been sick here!
I felt great on some work done around the house and garden. Felt so up I even pushed myself an extra 15 mins with my workout. Later in the afternoon, however was a different story. I began to get sicker and sicker. Had to ask my son how he was feeling, just in case it was the casserole I made. LOL...I didn't think so, but you never know. He was feeling fine.
Later that night, he was feeling pretty sick to his stomach also. Funny, he was extra vigorous with his workout that day too.
Anyway, he snapped out of it enough by Thursday that he could get out and resume his regular routine. Me? Here it is Saturday, and while I am feeling considerably better, I am still not able to eat well and feel like I can keep everything down. Sure is depressing to stay in the house sick like this.

My dear grandson Adien, came down with it before we all did. He was so bad, that his momma had to take him to the emergency room on Thursday afternoon. I felt just awful that I couldn't go down there with them because I was still so sick. I'm sure I drove his momma nuts calling to get a status report every so often.

I'm planning on a change for my blog, so stay tuned.

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