Monday, August 17, 2009

Checking in...

Just checking in to let everyone know all is well.
The heat is still on here, although we did have a few days of very pleasant weather.
We had a congregation picnic the weekend before last and the weather, while a bit hot for some of us, was nice.

It was loads of fun. I was able to bring my grandson. After a while, this quite little guy was very vocal. Yelling with the other kids and having a blast. There was a water balloon toss...I watched and took video. Some played volley ball and others played baseball. And loads of food!
Emery came along. It was fun to do something with him. He's always on the run.
Such is the way with teenagers.
And since he and I are not in the same congregation, I see him even less.

Still no job. Since I no longer have Internet, my search isn't like it was when I could just get on there a number of times during the day. I've signed up with an employment agency and set to do so with others.

Well, my time here on the library computer is almost done!
More later...

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